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Fast MC dose computation

About this software

Status: release in open-source: 01.01.2018

MCsquare is a fast Monte Carlo code, developed to simulate proton PBS treatments with the accuracy and calculation speed required in the clinic. Written in C programming language, the algorithm was designed and optimized to exploit the computational power of modern multi-core CPUs. Find out more on MCsquare website.

Multipurpose simulations
  • 3D & 4D dose calculation
  • Dose to water conversion
  • DVH, LET computation
  • Prompt gamma emission profiles
  • Simulation of treatment uncertainties
  • Beamlet for plan optimization
Workflow integration
  • OpenREGGUI plugin integration
  • Matlab graphical user interface
  • Workflow management

Fast simulations
  • Runs on CPU architectures
  • Laptop < 10 minutes
  • Computation cluster < 1 minute