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Robust dose optimizer 3D/4D

About this software

Status: release in open-source: 01.01.2018

MIROpt is a Matlab-based software package serving to robustly optimize a treatment plan. To compute the dose, it relies on the MCsquare dose engine. Nonetheless, it allows compatibility with other dose engines. For optimization it uses the C++ Ipopt function optimization libraries.

Robust optimization
  • Worst case scenario
  • MC dose accuracy
  • Systematic setup errors
  • Random setup errors (multiple SD)
  • Range errors
  • 4D-dose calculation (multiple 4DCT)
  • Dose per beamlet calculation
  • DVH calculation
Workflow integration
  • OpenREGGUI plugin integration
  • Matlab graphical user interface
  • Workflow management

Fast simulations
  • Coupled with ultra fast MCsquare
  • Runs on CPU architectures
  • As fast as 10 minutes, upon constraints