RadCollision & OpenPATh
OpenPATh  ·  Posted on 2020-10-27
Openpath associates with RadCollision. A tool designed to aid treatment planners in the choice of beam incidence angles.
GATE joins OpenPATh
OpenPATh  ·  Posted on 2020-02-04
GATE carbon and proton dose engine features in OpenPATh
NTCP based decision support
OpenPATh  ·  Posted on 2019-03-27
CAPTAIN and OpenREGGUI provide a research infrastructure for clinical decision support (CDSS), based on published NTCP models, as a new addition to their capabilities.
OpenPATh short video
OpenPATh  ·  Posted on 2019-01-10
OpenPATh has created a brief video to help you understanding better our platform and the wonders you can do with it!
Log-based QA in CAPTAIN
OpenPATh  ·  Posted on 2018-12-12
The CAPTAIN platform allows you to perform log-based QA from a webpage.
OpenPATh  ·  Posted on 2018-12-02
The OpenREGGUI platform provides a robust dose optimization module.
MCsquare is on Gitlab
OpenPATh  ·  Posted on 2018-09-01
The source code of MCsquare can be cloned from Gitlab.
OpenREGGUI PACS access
OpenPATh  ·  Posted on 2017-12-1
The OpenREGGUI platform has direct access to the Orthanc PACS.
LET computation
OpenPATh  ·  Posted on 2017-10-12
The OpenREGGUI plugin for MCsquare allows you to compute LET distribution maps.
Open-source log-based QA
OpenPATh  ·  Posted on 2017-09-26
Log-based patient QA module for research has arrived in of course.
OpenREGGUI gets MCsquare
OpenPATh  ·  Posted on 2017-08-23
MCsquare fast Monte Carlo dose engine binaries were integrated and come by default with OpenREGGUI.
Captain goes open-source
OpenPATh  ·  Posted on 2017-07-11
The Captain software platform will be released in open-source at the AAPM 2017 conference, in Denver, Colorado.
Open-source REGGUI
OpenPATh  ·  Posted on 2016-09-23
Release of OpenREGGUI is announced at the ASTRO 2016 conference in Boston, USA.